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Better Balance Massage Therapy

(*HST included)

Initial or new assessment Massage Therapy session:

We provide you with an efficient comprehensive assessment of your primary & secondary complaint(s), along with your health history intake, treatment & self-care. This means that we spend some time getting to know you, in order to determine the best course of action. Usually, the assessment takes ~10-15 mins. or longer if appropriate and worthwhile, but we are mindful to provide you with as much 'time on the table' as possible! The intake & self-care time will always be discussed and agreed upon by both YOU and the therapist. 

90 mins. = $150

75 mins. = $130

60 mins. = $115

45 mins. = $100

Follow-up/subsequent sessions:

90 mins. = $140

75 mins. = $120

60 mins. = $105

45 mins. = $90

30 mins. = $75


Add Hot Stones or Indie Head Massage to your treatment:  When booking online simply indicate, in the notes section, what treatment you would like to add.  An additional $5 will be added to the session at check out. 


We accept:

EMT (Email Money Transfer) --> EMT's get sent to (direct deposit - no password required)

Cash, Cheque, Debit and Credit (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX)

We prefer any method of payment other than credit (to avoid credit card fees @ ~2.65%). Thank you!

**We will provide you with a receipt to submit.