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Better Balance Massage Therapy

Mindfulness Massage Therapy

Thank you for taking the time to discover what Mindfulness Massage Therapy could do for your overall health and wellbeing!

I have been researching Mindfulness Practice for several years and I would like to share some of its benefits with you

What is Mindfulness Practice?

Mindfulness is gaining a growing popularity as a practice in daily life, apart from buddhist insight meditation and its application in clinical psychology.[26] In this context mindfulness is defined as moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, characterized mainly by "acceptance" - attention to thoughts and feelings without judging whether they are right or wrong. Mindfulness focuses the human brain on what is being sensed at each moment, instead of on its normal rumination on the past or on the future.[109]

What are some of the benefits of Mindfulness Massage as it relates to Massage Therapy?

- through focused full-diaphragmatic-breathing you will reduce your Sympathetic Nervous System (fight-or-flight) & increase your Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest & digest), increase your circulation system, relax your muscles & mind

- improve the overall effects of your massage therapy session through being present & aware of what you are feeling/sensing, while your Massage Therapist manipulates your tissue(s) for therapeutic &/or stress reducing purposes

- stress reduction & maintenance of healthy cortisol levels

What will actually occur if I request a Mindfulness Massage Therapy session?

Everything you would expect from a regular Massage Therapy session, except the focus will be on you being mindful of your experience during the Massage Therapy session. This will include focused deep-breathing (aka full-diaphragmatic-breathing) & integrating relaxation into your therapeutic treatment(s).

Having said the above, focused discussion of what you are feeling is completely normal and encouraged.

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