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Better Balance Massage Therapy

Request a Gift Certificate!

Simply contact us directly at and provide us with the following information:

Recipient's: first and last name and email

Sender's: first and last name 

(The name will be displayed on gift certificate, so you may tell us what you want 'displayed' on the gift certificate, but please also provide us with your contact name, number and email - for communication and payment).

Payment: EMT (email money transfer), cash/cheque, debit or credit card.

Note: EMTs have been set up as direct deposit to, so no password is required. It is very straight forward through your online banking, but if you need assistance, please contact us. You will need to add us as a new contact through your online banking.

We can email the PDF for you to send via email to the recipient or you may print the copy. We may also print the copy for you. (Please call or email us to discuss how we can get that to you, if it's not in person).


Thank you!